Q: What is the difference between disinfection and sanitation?

A: Disinfection uses anti-microbial agents on non-living objects or surfaces to destroy or inactivate micro-organisms. Sanitation uses as anti-microbial agent on objects, surfaces or living tissue to reduce the number of disease causing organisms to non-threatening levels.

Q: What are the basics of biosecurity programme?

A: The basics of biosecurity programme are: 1.Secure the entrance: Vehicle dip, foot dip and spray at the entrance of the premises 2.Target the source of infection: Proper disposal of litter 3.Break the disease cycle effectively: Proper Terminal Disinfection Protocol 4.Control the invisible/ hidden enemy: Regular spray of Proper Disinfectant 5.Burry the past to secure the present and future: Daily disposal of mortality

Q: In which order the cleaning and disinfection has to be performed?

A: Cleaning is first step in disinfection procedure. In this, the stepwise procedure will be Dry cleaning. Wet cleaning Allow to dry. Disinfection (Spray/ Fog).

Q: What is the best procedure for disinfecting equipment?

A: It has to be decided on detachable and non-detachable material of the equipment. Removable equipment has to be detached and moved to the dedicated area for cleaning. It has to be treated for organic or inorganic matter on the equipment with combination of alkaline/acidic detergent or amphoteric detergent. Non-detachable equipment has to be cleaned in place. After that treatment with disinfectant has to be done as per the recommended dilution of the product mentioned in the leaflet of the product.

Q: How long should a house be left unoccupied before placement?

A: Duration or time period for keeping the house unoccupied or empty depends on the disease challenges faced in the earlier batch. In general, two weeks downtime will be sufficient to break the disease cycle after proper cleaning and disinfection.

Q: Please recommend approximately the water holding capacity of pipeline for flushing or de-scaling and disinfection?

A: The recommendations for the water holding capacity of pipe are as follows:

Sr No.Pipe Diameter (inches)Water holding capacity of 1 foot pipe (ml)

Q: How to calculate the water holding capacity of water tank?

A: The capacity of water tank can be calculated as follows:

(I)Square tank (in litres) = Tank Height (ft.) × Length (ft.) × Width (ft.) × 28.3
Suppose, Height of Tank: 4 ft.; Length of Tank: 8 ft.; Width of Tank: 4 ft.
Then, Capacity of Square tank = 4 ft. (Height) × 8 ft. (Length) × 4 ft. (Width)× 28.3 = 3622 litres
(II) Round tank (in litres) = 3.14 × (Tank radius in ft.)2 × Tank Height (ft.) × 28.3
Suppose, Tank Radius: 2 ft.; Height of Tank: 4 ft.
Then, Capacity of Round tank = 3.14 × (2)2 (Radius) × 4 ft. (Height) × 28.3 = 1422 litres

Q: How much water/ diluted solution will be required for Terminal and Continuous Disinfection, is there any measurement?

A: 1. For Terminal Disinfection: 1 litre water or diluted solution for 25 sq. ft. area
2. For Continuous Disinfection: 1 litre water or diluted solution for 125 sq. ft. area

Q: Can Sheen n Kleen be used for both fungal and bacterial infection?

A: Yes, it can be used as it contains Ketoclonazole and Chlorhexidine effective for fungal and bacterial infection.

Q: Is this product puppy safe?

A: Yes, it is contains Fipronil which is puppy safe.

Q: Should I bath my dog before applying the spray?

A: Not required. You can just spray and comb the dog. If the dog is hairy, do not bathe him till 48-72 hours after spraying

Q: Is it hazardous if a person comes in contact with the spray while spraying it?

A: Although the product is not hazardous, please avoid contact with eyes.

Q: Can I use this product for my cat?

A: No, it is toxic for cat.

Q: Is this product suitable for all dogs?

A: Though the product suits almost all dogs but do check for any skin irritations and consult a vet immediately if there are any signs of eruption on skins.Should not come in contact with eyes, nose and mouth.

Q: Is this product for internal use or external use?

A: This product is not for oral use. External Use only. This product can be used in both dogs and cats of all ages.

Q: Do I need to starve the pet before the treatment?

A: No starvation is needed before or after, treatment can be given directly to the dog or disguised in food. For adult dogs, for worm infection. 1 tab for 10kg adult

Q: Is Boww soap suitable for dogs of all breed?

A: Yes, Boww is suitable for dogs of all breed. The product contains tea tree oil, anti-bacterial, aloe vera and glycerine.

Q: What purpose does Thromb Beat Syrup serves?

A: It is a supportive remedy of thrombocytopenia and anaemia in pets. It contains Carica Papaya along with a combination of vital vitamins & minerals. Also recommended in cases of tick fever, supportive solution for chemotherapy and liver accordance. Increase in platelets Papaya Leaf Extract Safe for all ages Platable

Q: Is glossy coat safe for both dogs and cats?

A: Yes,it is safe for both the pets. Venky's Glossy Coat Plus contains omega 6 & omega 3 fatty acids in 10:1 ratio and is recommended with diet for better skin health, managing skin allergies & helps in inflammatory conditions.

Q: Does this product improve digestion?

A: The product contains Probiotics and prebiotics for maintaining normal micro flora in gut which improves digestion.

Q: Can VenCal be added to home food?

A: Yes, it can be added to home food as the calcium is not suspended but uniform. It is good for bone strength in dogs, cats and pregnant bitches

Sports Nutrition Therapy

Q: What is Venky’s Mass Gainer?

A: Mass Gainer is the mass gain formula which fuels your body with a blend of high-quality time release proteins to provide you a continuous supply of protein all day long. It also contains complex carbohydrates which act as sustained fuel reservoir and prevent the body from using muscles as fuel while recovering from an intense workout.

Q: Who should consume Venky’s Mass Gainer?

A: Bodybuilders who perform heavy-duty workouts to attain lean mass are suggested to consume Mass Gainer as it fuels your body with protein rush and prevents the loss of muscles during recovery.

Q: What is Venky’s Intense Mass?

A: It is a premium blend of proteins with BCAAs, L-Glutamine, Creatine and nutrient dense calories. It offers a perfect blend of Egg Albumen + Casein + Whey protein for quick as well as sustained protein release action throughout the day.

Q: Who can consume Venky’s Intense Mass?

A: Intense Mass is perfect for bodybuilders, athletes, or anyone who wants to pack on muscle size and strength without adding fat.

Q: How to Consume Venky’s Intense Mass?

A: 2 scoops two to three times a day in-between meals; May be taken pre-workout and post-workout if not using whey protein.

Q: What is Venky’s Ironman?

A: Fusion of Whey Isolate and Albumen (Egg white) protein which makes your body iron strong.

Q: What is best time to intake Ironman?

A: Post workout within 30 min and also with low protein meal.

Q: What is Venky’s Chic o Holic?

A: It is a pre-cooked chicken protein supplement made from premium grade chicken breast.

Q: How to intake Chic o holic?

A: Full of real chicken powder, it is the perfect nutritious addition to soups, vegetables & snack preparations.For any dishes: Add 15 gm (one spoonful) while cooking or to already cooked food. It can also be added to marinades, seasoning and soup base for meat, seafood, vegetables curries, hot pots, noodles, pasta, chicken flavoured rice and cream sauce.

Q: What are the benefits of Chic o holic?

A: It makes your meals nutritious and helps to gain lean muscles rapidly.

Q: What are the Highlights of Venky’s Whey Isolate?

A: 1.Helps maintain lean muscle mass and better recovery post workout.
2.Improves metabolism -Whey protein helps in improving your metabolism, to help you burn more calories in a day.
3.Helps to boost performance - Whey isolate benefits your body by feeding Leucine, bioactive peptides, and calcium, all required to boost your performance during workouts.
4.Helps building lean muscles - It reduces fat tissue and helps you build lean muscles.

Q: Why should I take Venky’s Whey Isolate, when I am eating protein rich foods?

A: Contrary to your belief, muscles are not built in the gym. When you work out you cause microscopic injuries to the muscle tissues. At this time, your muscles are particularly sensitive to the repair nutrient, such as high-quality whey protein isolate found in Venky’s Whey Isolate. When you drink Whey Isolate after your workout, you make sure that your muscles will start the repair work in a short while, because Venky’s Whey Isolate gets absorbed at a faster rate in your body than any other whey protein.

Q: Can I take whey protein in combination with other supplements?

A: Yes, whey protein can be stacked with a number of other supplements like creatine, glutamine, dextrose, casein and others. But if you are planning to stack other supplements with whey protein, it is recommended to consult a doctor or a certified trainer before doing so.

Q: I am a vegetarian can I consume whey protein?

A: It is a very tough job to acquire all the essential proteins for a vegetarian. Proteins are most commonly found in red and white meats. Proteins are also found in fish meat but the strands of proteins differ from cow and chicken meat. Whey protein is a complete protein i.e. it contains all amino acids. So, for a vegetarian, Whey protein becomes essential as their protein intake is very limited.

Q: Will protein make me fat?

A: According to a 2008 study published in "Nutrition and Metabolism", 20g of Whey protein per day helped obese participants lose an average of 6.1 percent of their total body fat mass over a 12-week period. The amino acids in protein may help keep your blood sugar levels stable. If your diet is too high in carbohydrates your blood sugar levels go through peaks and valleys. You go from a burst of energy and feeling full to a lull and being hungry. In addition, if you are dieting, getting 17 grams of protein from a protein shake that has only 90 calories is better than getting your protein from a big meal which may have hundreds of calories.

Q: How Venky’s Casein promotes muscle building?

A: The sustained amino acid release in Casein feeds muscle for up to 7 hours and prevents muscle breakdown. During prolonged meal-gaps and in the night, your body breaks down muscle fibres to fuel metabolic processes. Venky’s Casein forms a gel in the stomach and slowly trickles down amino acids to the blood stream. The sustained release of amino acids feeds muscle fibres up to 7 hours. This prevents muscle breakdown and helps you maximize total muscle gain.

Q: When to supplement Venky’s Casein?

A: The best time to supplement Casein is before sleep and in-between meals to keep the body in a positive nitrogen balance, even after the fast digesting proteins from the last meal have exhausted.

Q: What is Venky’s Drive?

A: Venky’s Drive is a recovery drink mix and a unique blend of L-Glutamine, Branch Chain Amino Acids, Taurine, Electrolytes, Vitamins and Carbohydrate.

Q: What is best time to intake Venky’s drive?

A: Immediately Post-Workout

Q: How Venky’s Hy Speed helps athletes and sports persons recover faster?

A: Playing in the field or an intense gym session results in heavy sweating and loss of electrolytes in athletes and sportspersons. Each serving of Venky’s Hy speed helps recharge muscle cells improves fatigue threshold and builds energy

Q: How does it improve performance?

A: Along with improved energy levels and recovery, this supplement also keeps you hydrated. The unique blend of electrolytes containing sodium and potassium help balance the electrolyte levels in your body. This prevents any cramping or muscle spasm.

Q: Does it help in building muscle?

With the better recovery of your muscles and a constant supply of necessary nutrients, you can prevent any chances of muscle loss. Therefore, your diet and workout to build your muscle becomes more efficient and helps you get faster results.

Q: Who should I consume it?

A: This energy drink is ideal for anyone who engages in long hours of physical activity. It is ideal for athletes, runners, cyclists, bodybuilders or anyone who requires higher levels of endurance.

Q: What is Venky’s AO SIP?

A: It is a blend of five important anti-oxidants: Vitamins A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium to stay healthy & energized.

Q: What are benefits of Venky’s AO SIP?

A: It supports immunity and protects the muscle tissue from exercise induced damage and enhance recovery from exercise also It contains sucrose and dextrose for instant energy and helps refill the depleted body stores of glycogen.

Q: How to use Venky’s AO SIP?

A: It can be used after workout especially after heavy workout. Need to take in with water.

Q: What is Venky’s Carbo Ex?

A: A blend of simple & complex carbohydrate. It provides a sustained stream of energy to marathon runners, weight trainers and helps them recover quickly from the workout stress. Since it is absorbed quickly, it keeps the energy level brimming and helps avoid hitting the wall for athletes and runners.

Q: What are benefits of Venky’s Carbo Ex?

A: It is a perfect refuel drink for athletes and sportspersons. The combination of simple & complex carbohydrate provides more fuel than either separately and results in improved exercise performance. It provides steady supply of energy, which helps prevent muscle loss.

Q: How to use Venky’s Carbo Ex?

A: You can use before and after a workout or for carb loading.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Q: 1.What is albumen care?

A: Specially designed egg white protein supplement for tissue repair, surgery and post-operative condition, acute and chronic condition and hypoalbuminemia condition for faster recovery in critical illness.

Q: 2.What is Albumen RRT?

A: Albumen protein supplement to aid the loss of protein during dialysis and end stage kidney disease.

Q: 3.What is Emune Plus?

A: Glutamine with branched chain amino supplement for increase the immunity in critical care and convalescence condition.

Q: 4.What is Neogain?

A: Pre-digested chicken protein formulation for neonates and infants which is Hyposmolar , hypoallergenic formulation for weight gain in LBW and diarrhoea condition with all essential vitamins and minerals.

Q: 5.What is Fitkid?

A: Egg based protein nutritional formulation for growing kids between 4-14 age group, fortified with elements required for physical and intellectual growth.

Q: 6.What is Maapreg?

A: Albumen protein-nutritional supplements designed to meet requirements during pregnancy to help healthy pregnancy outcomes. Also available as Maapreg whey as a vegetarian variant for vegans.

Q: 7.What is Maacare?

A: Albumen protein - nutritional supplement to bridge nutritional gap in post pregnancy and for better lactation. Also available as Maacare whey as a vegetarian variant for vegans.

Q: 8.What is Vengain?

A: Specialised chicken protein supplement for sarcopenia, cancer cachexia patients and for critically ill patients require high content protein.

9.What is Whey care?

Whey protein for tissue repair in critical illness and protein requirement conditions.

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