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  • Regular dosing: 100 g per ton of feed.    
  • Super dosing: 200 g per ton of feed.   
  • Or as per recommendations of Veterinary Nutritionist.    

Product Information:

  • SUPERtase™: The Most Reliable Phytase  
  • SUPERtase™ is next generation bacterial phytase Sourced from a Buttiauxella species bacterium.   
  • SUPERtase™ allows faster and efficacious breakdown of phytate to release the phosphorous.  
  • SUPERtase™ is more bio-efficacious than other phytase enzymes.   
  • SUPERtase™ provides the most reliable matrix values-Obtained from animal digestibility trials.   
  • SUPERtase™ offers reduction in energy, amino acids, dietary inorganic phosphorous and calcium in feed formulation thus allows to reduce the feed cost per egg or per kg broiler meat.   
  • SUPERtase™ reduce excretions of phosphorous and nitrogen waste and limit the environmental pollution.    
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